From your first home to your last, having a rock-star team of real-estate agents is your best asset. 

Getting married typically involves serious financial and logistical decisions—the greatest of which involves buying the right home for your family. As newlyweds, you want to ensure that your decision to buy and own a new home doesn’t negatively impact your long-term financial goals. Mary Bell, owner of Sold by the Bell, and her outstanding team of real- estate professionals are ready to help you with this critical decision. 

Whether you are buying your first place as a couple, upsizing for a house where you will raise kids, or finding a home where you can grow old together, working with the right team will help you at every stage in life.


Q: When and how do you suggest couples start considering their first home purchase together, especially with consideration to their timeline of planning their wedding?

A: “Each couple will have different circumstances and needs depending on the stage of life they are in. We recommend they start discussing their first home purchase prior to marriage to help understand each other’s vision. Each couple will have their own tailor-made plan when it comes to purchasing their home. Home purchase is a must-have conversation couples need to have, and will be different based on their lifestyle choices and how close they want to be to their support system, especially if considering having kids. This will also need to be a conversation they have with their agent to discuss their needs and desires in their first home. Some couples will be ready to purchase right away, possibly prior to the wedding; some may want to rent for a year before purchasing; and some may want to purchase right after the wedding and want to have everything in place ahead of time. No matter what their desires, the Sold by the Bell agents will be there to help them along the way and help put their plan into play.” – Jordan Hosey

Q: What are the first materials/documents couples should compile before looking at a home to purchase?

A: “Discussing financial situations ahead of time is crucial for couples purchasing their first home, and even prior to getting married. Couples should know each others’ financial situation ahead of time, even down to knowing credit scores—especially before making a financial decision together as big as buying a house, since finances can be one of the largest reasons for marital issues.”  – Sheree Cobia

Q: What is your top advice to help first-time home buyers through the process?

A 1: “First and foremost, listen to your agent. First-time home buyers typically don’t realize what all goes into the process, and stress over what all it entails. Trust your agent to walk you through it and guide you in the right direction. Couples can rest easier knowing that Sold by the Bell has put much time and resources into making sure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.” – Mary Bell

 A 2: “There are an overwhelming amount of steps that go into the buying process, and we have put together guides that will walk them through the process so they know what to expect. And Sold by the Bell handles about 90-95% of everything for them!” – Jordan Hosey

Q: After a couple has bought their first home, what are the next steps to prepare for their next home as their family continues to grow?

A: “Couples should buy for their current situation and needs, and then re-evaluate as those needs change. After marriage, couples should try to prepare for the next 3-5 years financially, while they are in their current home. Circumstances are likely to change in those times and they should try to be prepared to make those changes when the time comes. This will help in making sure they are ready financially to move up in house when the time comes.” – Brandon Cobia

Q: Should couples have home-buying goals (in terms of up-sizing, down-sizing, etc.) ahead of time planned with Sold by the Bell, or can they do it as needed? 

A: “Couples should always stay in touch with their agents, even at times when they are not actively searching for a home. Staying in touch and discussing their future needs will allow their agent to keep up with what they may be looking for in the future and how their goals are changing over time, which will allow them to help couples make a plan.  This will also keep couples in the know of what the market is doing in certain areas, which may contribute to their future desires if they are planning to move or upgrade.”  – Brandon Cobia

Q: What advice would you give to couples with consideration to being homeowners in the long-run?

A: “Be financially prepared! Roughly 70% of people’s retirement comes from homes, so couples should try to get started early on that investment to prepare for their future.”

– Brandon Cobia

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