Birmingham’s top-notch doctor duo keeps their marriage at the center of their practice.

Photographed by JP Howard Photography | Hair & Makeup by Lindsay Hisey

“Stephen and I are really good at using our communication skills to sculpt each other’s personalities, life goals, and common goals so that we can be better every day to ourselves, to each other, to our family, and of course our patients. Refraining from using our words to cut one another like a knife, and using them instead to build one another up like iron sharpening iron, keeps our marriage hot and progressing.”– Dr. Holly Gunn, Gunn Dermatology

AW: When did you both meet? How did he propose?

HG: We met in medical school where Stephen scoped me out on day one and pursued me with jokes and a passion for medicine. We were instant friends and felt like “two peas in a pod” as soon as we met – which was on our wedding invitation in 2017. 

Stephen proposed in the beginning of our third year med school rotations while I was on my surgery rotation. It began with a scavenger hunt that guided me to places that are important to us. Then, dressed in a tux and standing in an apartment full of flowers and balloons, he proposed. We also had dinner that evening with the entire surgery department physician staff of the University of South Alabama at a cool, antebellum house restaurant in Mobile. It was super romantic and fun. 


AW: How did both of your respective practices get their start? 

HG: I own my practice that we started two years ago in a pursuit of happiness and in an effort to make an awesome work environment. Gunn Dermatology is definitely an amazing place to work. We absolutely love our Gunn Dermatology staff. They feel like family, and we work hard to make our patients feel cared for as close friends and family. 

Stephen is a partner at Hedden and Gunn Plastic Surgery, Alabama’s best and most productive Plastic surgery center with its own OR suites. 


AW: What is your ideal date night together when you have time away from work?

HG: We love going on weekend trips together.  With four kids it’s hard to get much needed date time, so we love visiting farms, exploring new cities, and going on skiing or hiking adventures. On one of our last weekend dates, we took a hot-air balloon ride in Arizona. It was so fun and thrilling. 


AW: What services do you recommend for anyone preparing for a wedding?

HG: Most brides and grooms should get a cosmetic consultation 6-12 months prior to the wedding to discuss needs.  Most brides will need a HydraFacial, but some need Botox and lip filler. Other brides want it all and choose skin tightening treatments like Vivaces too. 

Men sometimes request Botox and photorejuvenation treatments for sun damage. Everyone is different, so we create unique treatment and skincare routines.  


AW: What advice do you have for couples after the wedding?

HG: Our advice for newlyweds is to continue to love each other, have empathy for one another, and be each other’s greatest form of support for all the trials you will go through both as a couple and individually. Grow mentally and spiritually together. Playing together is also a great way to keep love alive, whether it be working out, hiking, or any other activity you enjoy together. 

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