If you’ve been feeling the heat in Alabama this summer, be sure to consider your plans to keep you and your guests comfortable for your wedding day. We have a few tips to make your summer wedding a breeze.


1. Guest Experience

When planning your wedding with your venue and/or planner, always think of your guests first. If your ceremony is outdoors, where will the sun hit at that time of day? Will there be shade or will they be sweating bullets as you walk down the aisle? Providing fans, parasols, and refreshing beverages will be much appreciated and enhance their experience they came to enjoy just for you. If you plan to have a tented reception, will there be mounted fans or A/C units? Dinner and dancing will not last long if your friends and family have been baked to a crisp for four hours. Do not rely on the sweet Southern breeze to do all the work. / Photos: Elizabeth Gelineu

2. Up-Dos and Makeup Tips

Plan proper hair and makeup styles with your preferred artist ahead of time. Keeping your hair up will be a cooler approach. Your makeup should have an SPF and be set well with proper powders. Moisturized skin starts well before your wedding so be sure you are drinking plenty of water leading up to and during the big day. When you have your trial run day with your hair and makeup artist, be sure to discuss options that will work best for your date. / Photo: Elizabeth Gelineau 

3. Breezy Bridesmaids Gowns

Make selections with your bridal party that make them feel comfortable for the occasion. We love to recommend a style direction and color story for bridesmaids where they can select their own dress. The less your girls are feeling overwhelmed by the heat, the more capable they will be to lend a helping hand throughout the day. | Photo: YNOT iMages

4. Groomsmen Waiting Area

Let’s face facts – guys will be guys. Make sure they have a cool area with A/C on high so that they do not arrive to the ceremony already sweating through their suits with sunburned faces. Having a reserved space for them stocked with everything they need will help keep them from goofing around too much outside. White undershirts for all the groomsmen is a must. / Photo: Nick Frontiero Photography

5. Reception Dress Change

You may have your heart set on a full ball gown for your wedding ceremony, but that may stifle your plans to cut a rug on the dancefloor at the reception. A sensible, short reception dress is an excellent option, especially for a summer wedding. You can go flashy with sequins or more soft with a lace-detailed cocktail dress. Just make sure the shoes work for the camera too! / Photos: Rob & Wynter

6. Keep the Bugs at Bay!

Nothing is worse during a hot summer day in the South than also constantly swatting at gnats and mosquitos. For any outdoor areas, even just short walkways from one building to the next, you will want to plan for Citronella candles or another form of bug repellant. Do not let this detail get skipped during planning or you will regret it – take it from us! / Photo: Pottery Barn

7. Keep the Cake Cool

Do not let your cake become the Leaning Tower of Pisa! If you plan to have a real cake instead of dummy cake, remember it is made of butter, icing, and all the good stuff that will not appreciate the sun. Plan a location for your cake ahead of time with your venue and/or planner. Communicate that location with your cake baker and ensure there is a plan for how that cake will best reach that destination in time for your reception. Some cakes can be stored in a fridge or cool spot indoors, and be transported to its final spot just before the event. Some cake bakers have to assemble the cake in its final spot when they arrive early in the day. If that spot is the sunlight and it has to sit there for several hours, your cake may end up on the floor before you even tie the knot. / Photo: Rob & Wynter


All these tips have one common theme – proper planning and communication. If you live in Alabama, you know the summers are beautiful, but hot and humid. So make sure you plan ahead so that you, your family, and your friends can all enjoy the experience.

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