Alabama-based with a global taste.

Passed bites, quick pickups, and carried canapés are the feature of soirées that keep guests moving and mingling. Take a bite out of cultural cuisines prepared by our top chefs and caterers. Be inspired to incorporate your heritage and travels into the menu, and bring your own flavor to the table. 

B&A Warehouse

Inspired by the flavors of India, Samosa Chaat Flatbread and Vegan Samosas are served with Cucumber Raita.

Savoie Catering

Andalusian Gazpacho, Spanish Potato & Saffron Croquettes, and Portuguese Clams & Bacon transport you to the Iberian Peninsula in Europe.

Hastings Catering

Give guests a taste of the Gulf with this fabulous Roaming Seafood Bar featuring Raw Murder Point Oysters on the half shell, Mini Crab Cakes with Remoulade, Mini Lobster Rolls on homemade buns, and  Chilled Gulf Shrimp skewered with Cocktail Sauce Pipettes. Guests eat the shrimp and then squeeze the pipette of cocktail sauce for a burst of flavor!

The Happy Catering Co.

For a fresh taste of Asian cuisine, try these Tuna Tartare in Wonton Cups, Vegetable Rice Rolls, and Steamed Buns with Pork Belly & Asian Slaw.

Apron Aesthetics

Smartly-dressed staff elevates the dining experience. Throughout this story, we feature custom monogram aprons by Paperhaus. Incorporating your new monogram doesn’t have to stop with the stationery suite! 

Table & Thyme

A beautiful presentation of Mexican Street Corn, Mini Shrimp Nachos, Chorizo Mini Tacos, and Watermelon Fries served with a Lime Yogurt Dipping Sauce will be sure to impress guests. 

Kathy G. & Co.

To complete our Taste the World story, Kathy G. Mezrano, founder of Kathy G. and Company, invited us to her home to prepare traditional Lebanese cuisine that speaks to her family heritage. Seen here are Grape-leaf Rolls Stuffed with Lamb and Rice, served with fresh lemon, Hummus with Pita Crisps, and Lamb Pops with Pesto.

The grape-leaf wall seen here is steps from her kitchen where she prepares meals for all who gather. 

Photography: Rob & Wynter. Location: Railroad Park Birmingham. Custom Monograms: Paperhaus. Menswear: Billy Reid.

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