Local skin and beauty expert, Dr. Holly Gunn, gives you the inside track to what makes her feel most beautiful.

Q: What skin routine do you suggest for brides leading up to their wedding?

A: “This is so dependent on each individual. I would recommend a skincare consultation by one of our aesthetic staff members or Dr. Gunn. All skincare routines should include a cleanser, a daily sunscreen, and a moisturizer. Skin type and age are factors we use to create customized skincare routines.”

Q: What services do you offer that enhance someone’s natural beauty?

A: “Natural beauty is seen when the skin looks healthy and youthful.  We have numerous treatments to fight the signs of aging and to make the skin healthier.  Our most-booked treatments are facials, neuromodulators like Botox, and natural fillers. We also have numerous lasers and skin-tightening treatments that make the skin stronger. We choose treatments based on the bride’s or mother-of-the-bride’s individual needs.”  

Q: What is part of your personal skincare routine that you love?

A: “I love any product that actually works and makes the skin healthier–it’s a bonus if they smell and feel good too! 

I could not live without Necoutis Journee Firm Riche Cream, ISDIN Melatonik, or my Sothys Purity Cleansing Milk. I also have rosacea and love ZO Rozatrol specifically for that aspect of my skincare routine.”

My favorite treatments are Vivace Microneedling and Ellacor. Oh, and I do not miss my monthly Hydrafacials! – Dr. Holly Gunn, Gunn Dermatology

Q: What part of your day, outside of work, makes you feel better and more beautiful?

A: “We are so lucky to work in a place like Gunn Dermatology that makes patients, family, and staff look and feel their best. Eating healthy, exercising, and spending time with friends and family are important things that you can do for yourself daily.”

Q: If someone is looking to book a consultation with you prior to the wedding day, how far out should this be planned?

A: “Sometimes we have brides walk in a few weeks before the wedding, and we can still help them look their best. I prefer to have nine months before the wedding in case we need a series of treatments and multiple modalities. Everyone needs a consultation to create a customized plan for their needs.”


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