2021 FAQs

Participation in photo shoots is part of the extra coverage included with an advertising contract and the added value of advertising with AW. Photo shoots are a wonderful way to work with new vendors, make industry connections, and produce purely inspirational moments for your portfolio.

Magazines are sold on newsstands for $9.99. Our estimated readership is more than 160,000 readers. Alabama Weddings is sold on newsstands and can be found in Barnes & Noble, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Costco, and Wal-Mart, as well as other independent bookstores, supermarkets, drug stores, and throughout all of Alabama.

We also work with bridal shows and community events during the year where couples can receive free copies. A digital version is also available at no cost online to ensure accessibility to all.

The final deadline for print ads for the 2022 issue is currently set at October 31, 2021. Please contact christopher@alabamaweddings.com for more information on advertising.

All Real Weddings in our pages are submitted by our advertisers as part of the advertorial coverage included with ad contracts. Please see our Submissions page to be considered for blog coverage.

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