Light what you love. Drape what you don’t.

From outdoor tents to indoor receptions and more, lighting and draping are key to creating finished, dramatic spaces. Proper lighting draws the eye where it’s needed and creates visual impact. Draping can reshape spaces, soften rustic features and cover items that disrupt aesthetics. Together, they create a setting full of ambiance and warmth. Jill Garmon of AG Events shares with us the staples of producing events that shine bright.

Q: What are key things a couple needs to know about lighting and drapery?

A: “These installations take time!  Be sure to communicate with us about how much time is needed to get the job done. 

Once you have received our estimate, move quickly to secure our lighting and drapery services with a deposit.  Changes can still be made to the invoice after the deposit has been placed.  Don’t lose your spot!  Our services may be limited based on the popularity of the date, especially in busy wedding months.  Although we have a sizable full time staff, we take limited events outside of our regular clients on popular dates.  Our regular clients include wedding planners, corporate clients and designers.  Read the estimate for deadlines and requirements to secure our services.

Hire an experienced wedding planner or designer for guidance!  It’s never a bad idea to hire a professional that can help you navigate the process.”

Q: What else can your lighting company offer for the wedding reception?

A: “We offer audiovisual services for rehearsal dinners and weddings.  This can include live streaming of the wedding ceremony with a private link to share with your guests, bringing in virtual guest toasts for the rehearsal dinner from any guest who cannot attend.  We also provide sound services and video services to play pictures or videos during the event.” 

We offer power distribution for tented wedding receptions. We will provide a generator and run power to the band stage, catering equipment and all lighting for the event, so those needs do not create a strain on the home or venue.”

1. Uplight the Perimeter

“This is the most effective way to incorporate a color or create a warm ambiance for your reception. It’s beautiful in pictures and makes a tent perimeter, venue walls, or drapery installation glow for more impact.”

2. Backlight the Line

“This is the most effective way to make your tent canopy beautiful. Like any drapery installation, it needs light to make it special. It is also the most effective way to distribute light throughout the event.”

3. Highlight the Tables

This is the most effective and affordable lighting option in a venue or tent for your reception. Everything that you have invested in and want to pop in pictures should be highlighted. Our first recommendation is to light the wedding cake and floral centerpieces to make your pictures beautiful.”

4. Add Decorative Fixtures

“This element is a décor statement and it offers another layer to the design or space transformation. While fixtures should not be considered the primary lighting source for a reception, they offer another decorative element for consideration to create your dream space!”

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