March 2, 2024   –   Birmingham

“Like most millennials, we met online, just before Halloween in 2016. Our first date was Nov. 8, the night of the 2016 election. Despite the shocking turn out of the election we both had a good enough time to plan another date and then another and before you know it, it had been a year. There was lots of talk about the future and if/when we would get married. From the very beginning, Mychal said he wanted to be the one to propose. I was as patient as I could be but by the six-year mark, I put my foot down and said it’s time. Mychal still pulled a fast one and took me to Atlanta to Chateau Elan for his birthday. I went around the whole day telling everyone that it was my boyfriend’s birthday! Finally we got down to the wine tasting (because you cannot go to Chateau Elan and not have a wine tasting) and that is where Mychal miscalculated. We each had four full pours of wine to taste and I finished all four in less than an hour. The actual proposal ended up happening later that night over dinner at the resort after I had recovered.” – Jacob

Advice From the Couple

“Our advice would be to build in those precious moments wherever you can. I had a flower on one nail to remind me of a beloved dog that we lost a couple of years prior. We had flowers put together for Mychal‘s mom, whom we lost several years before. We had our most beloved folks bless our rings in a ring warming ceremony. Don’t get locked into things having to be only one way and instead be open to what would be the most meaningful for you as a couple.” – Jacob & Mychal

The Creatives

Grooms’ Attire: Arzel, ASOS with Custom Sleeves by Jacob Haynes. Catering: Southern Chic Catering. Floral: Poppy & Snail. Linen: Table Cloths Factory. Photography: Oh Honey Photo Co. Rings: Eternate. Wedding Party Attire: Azazie, Baltic Born, Arzel. Wedding Planner: Jacob Haynes. Venue: First United Methodist Church.

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