Our beautiful bakers with hearts of gold and talent galore share the places that inspire their creative confections.

“I’m incredibly inspired by old-world baroque style and rococo architecture throughout Europe. With an adventurous couple in mind, I created this four-tier, pale cocoa buttercream cake with gilded lace and floral touches for romantic dimension.”

“I love creating edible art that celebrates people. Every cake we create is unique to each couple, and then shared with all their loved ones together. I think that is an incredibly special tradition.” – Diane Olexa, Olexa’s Cakes

“My family travels to different quiet beaches multiple times throughout the year. Whether it’s a two-week stay in the fall or a quick day trip in the summer, I come home feeling refocused and reinspired by all the textures and colors. I take closeup pictures of the terrain and then use different types of sweet edible ingredients to replicate its textures – the sand, coral, foamy whitecaps, shells, and seaweed that wash up and line the shore.”

“The inspiration I draw from its landscape is endless, continually asking for a cake to be made to interpret its beauty.” – Haven Thompson, Sugar & Stems 

“The place that inspired me for these designs is the Western United States! I am a huge nature-lover, and I have felt deeply inspired by the extraordinary scenery that I have experienced in several National Parks. The West has so many different types of scenery, from huge mountains and cliffs to beautiful wooded areas to expansive grassy plains to breath-taking desertscenes. I love it all, and wanted the cakes to replicate the rawness and authenticity of these natural scenes.”

“The ‘nature’ of our cakes is that they are ‘naked,’ which means we don’t ice the sides of the cakes, leaving the inside layers of the cakes exposed.” – Mallory Mason, Daughter’s Baking

“I absolutely cherish the beach. While I can’t pinpoint exactly when this love began, I’m pretty sure that it dates back to the time I spent living in California as a young girl. There’s just something about the tranquility of waves as far as the eye can see that never fails to relax and center me. With that in mind, these designs were inspired by the hues, curls, and ripples of the sea.” 

“As a girl consumed by wanderlust, the beach is my favorite place to be. That is, of course, except for when I have the pleasure of making beautiful and delicious wedding cakes for the sweetest couples!” – Kim Wiggins, Cakes by Kim

Photography: Alisha Crossley Photography. Venue: GLOW Beauty Studio. Hair and Makeup: GLOW – Isabel Estes, Jasmine Johnson. Tableware: Table Matters. Rentals: Prophouse. Custom Silks: Cocoon Silk Ribbon.

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