How Lily and Sami Nizam joined together to manifest their Montgomery practice, Alabama Surgical Arts.

Story by Claire Sullivan / Photography by Frank Carnaggio

Lily and Sami Nizam

When Lily and Sami Nizam met, they were each off to the races in their respective fields. Sami was completing his Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency in New Jersey, and Lily was working as a physician associate in general surgery in Long Island, New York. During his training, Sami saw nurse practitioner and physician assistant injectors working side by side with their surgeons and suggested it to Lily—but it took her another year until she decided it was worth a shot. 

“After spending time in that field, we decided that our ultimate goal would be to collaborate our skillsets and open a medical office together,” says Lily, who also reigns as 2021’s Mrs. Alabama. In August 2019, that dream became a reality. In a whirlwind two weeks, they both moved to Montgomery, said their “I do’s,” and opened their practice, Alabama Surgical Arts. 

With Sami’s expertise in global facial rejuvenation (think high-payoff procedures like deep plane facelifts) and Lily’s knack for subtle enhancements (Botox, fillers, and facials), Alabama Surgical Arts is a one-stop shop not only for brides and grooms, but also for their parents, who may be seeking a bigger visual change ahead of the festivities. 

The Nizams have an in-depth approach to consultations. You can expect a full assessment and several different treatment plans to choose from. And for brides and grooms, you’ll get a checklist that outlines what to consider in the months leading up to the big day. “We go nice and slow to give our patients a natural result over several sessions,” Lily says. (This way you’ll be beautiful, not bruised.) For parents of the wedding party, it’s never too early for a consult—treatments they’re considering could take some time to heal. 

“Everyone’s skin is different, so we also offer tailored regimens for each of our patients,” Lily explains. For most people, they like a routine that incorporates vitamin C, sunscreen and tretinoin, at a minimum. Other words of wisdom: Be sure to remove your makeup nightly, drink plenty of water, and rest up. 

For the Nizams, their practice shines because of its range: You’ll have access to everything from skincare to surgery. “What we love most about it is being able to see the smiles on people’s faces and hearing how we’ve changed their outlook on life,” says Lily.

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