Serve your guests something smart, neat, but with a twist.

If you are planning to serve alcohol at your wedding, you need to ensure you adhere to legal regulations, know what you can and cannot do and have impeccable service, of course. Full-service bartending company, B&B Beverage Management, has immense experience in all these areas with a knack for preparing perfect cocktails to boot. Rhianna Greenawalt, executive vice president at B&B Beverage Management, answers common questions couples have during the planning process.

Q: Where do I begin with B&B? What information should I have ready?

A: “You can call our office and speak with an Account Manager, or you can fill out our contact form on our website. We typically need to know the date and times for your event, the venue you selected, estimated guest count and what type of alcohol services you are interested in to get started. If you don’t have many specific details at that time, we can get you a general estimate and update it as more details are finalized.”

Q: Does B&B provide the beer, wine and spirits, or do I?

A: “Alcohol liability is a serious issue and should be taken seriously when planning.  Be sure to use a professional service that is insured with at least $1,000,000 in liquor liability and has a reputable background for providing safe and responsible services.  The host of the event can be held liable for alcohol negligence if these steps aren’t taken.”


Q: What Alabama regulations should I consider when planning bar service for my event?

A: “This is challenging! Signage is one way to remind guests to unplug. The officiant can also make a brief announcement as the ceremony begins. Sharing your feelings with close friends and relatives can also assist in setting a tone for the ceremony. If they choose to leave their phone away, perhaps others will too!” – Melanie Smith

Q: Does B&B offer all barware items needed? What will I need to provide?

A: “Yes, we can provide as much or as little as you need. We offer many different rental items that range from glassware to shelving units. Most of our services include all the bar tools needed, but if you prefer to provide those, we also have that option.”

Q:  What will the bartenders be wearing?

A: “Our standard bartender uniform is a black polo with our logo on it, black pants, and black shoes. We also have a white and khaki, vest and ties, and tuxedo option available upon request.”

Q:  What is the most popular service you offer?

A:  “Our most popular service at our Licensed Venues would be our Open Consumption Bar option. With this option you are only charged for the alcohol your guests consume, instead of a predetermined amount. Many clients like this option because they aren’t having to try to guess the perfect amount of alcohol they need to purchase, so they don’t run out; we take care of all of that for them.”

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