Having a plan for your glam goals sets the path for success. 

Story by Claire Sullivan

When we look our best, we feel our best. But planning a wedding makes it tricky to really focus on achieving our goals. Don’t fret: With a few simple changes to your routines, you’ll be glowing down the aisle.

Whether you’re aiming to tone up or just drop a few pounds, focus on tiny tweaks in your day-to-day. The most efficient way to get in shape is by moving your body every day. “Instead of working out hard three days a week, find something you love to do daily,” says Thomas Cox, owner of Meal Fit. “Change your lifestyle instead of jumping on a diet trend. And do something that’s easy and manageable for you.” For some, that may be opting for a salad instead of a sandwich at lunch, and for others, it could be replacing your nightly glass of wine with a quick walk around the block.

To feel glam during dress fittings, showers, and beyond, start with self-tanner. “It gives you an instant boost,” says Yazmin Cavale, CEO and co-founder of Glow. For makeup, highlight your favorite features: Rock a bold lip or a subtle cat-eye. Keeping it true to your natural look is key. “I always recommend an enhanced look instead of a full transformation,” says Cavale. Working with your preferred beauty professional ahead of your big day will give them time to make the right recommendations as well as plan a trial run of your hair and makeup. 

By making time for yourself during the planning process, you’ll kick off your newlywed bliss as the most gorgeous version of you.

Yazmin Cavale

“I would always try to focus on the features that you love the most. So if you love your eyes, I would play up your eyes. If you love your lips, I would play up your lips. Always go for the enhanced look rather than the transformation look. That way, you can’t go wrong and people are always going to look at you and see you. Trying to alter that is where it can go wrong for a lot of people. Staying natural and true to yourself is always key.”

Yazmin Cavale, GLOW

Thomas Cox

“There are two things to do on your wedding day. First, eat what you normally eat – oatmeal and OJ, eggs and smoothies. If you don’t eat breakfast, don’t eat it. Just because it’s your wedding day doesn’t mean you need to eat something different. Keep the flow of the normal day, and skip the multi-course breakfast and brunch. Eat normally. Second is exercise. Get up and exercise the day of your wedding. Unspent energy is hazardous to us. We gotta get up and move; having a sweat will give you more usable energy. You won’t be as tired. Think of it as gameday for the bride.”

Thomas Cox, Meal Fit
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