Our planners answer common questions you didn’t know you needed to ask.

If you’re in the throes of planning a wedding, you’re sure to have a few dozen questions buzzing in your head at any given moment. Take a moment right now to breathe, relax and breathe again. Wedding planning is all about discussion and delegation. When you work with a great planner, the facilitate these discussions with an experienced hand and sage advise. 

Though you may already have ideas about your attire or flowers, there are some details that most couples agree they aren’t sure of. Who makes toasts? Who do you tip? While answers to these questions may help give peace of mind on a few topics, it’s nothing compared to having a planner on top of every detail and keeping your wedding day running like clockwork. 

Q: When should we send out all pieces of our stationery suite?

A: “Your stationery suite is the very first vision of your wedding design your guests will receive. Save-the-dates, usually sent out after the creation of the website and your engagement photos, should be sent approximately four to six months prior. As a planner, we also help you to stay on track for sending your invitations out approximately six to eight weeks prior to the big day. For destination events, six months can be given to maximize the notification process for travel arrangements. Holidays, graduations and other celebrations should be avoided, as you do not want your stationery missed.”  – Sheriah Gibson

Q: Is a “First Look” a good idea?

A: “It greatly depends on the couples priority. If you are marrying  in a lovely location with many photo opportunities, you very possibly could find yourself better served to choose a “First Look.” This enables more time for photos without feeling rushed. Also, it is lovely to first see one another in a personal, intimate setting without onlookers. However, if an “at the aisle” first look is your heart’s desire, do exactly that! Combat the time crunch by preparing a detailed photo want list with your photographer and planner.” – Melanie Smith

Q: How can I manage the use of social media/cameras at our wedding?

A: “This is challenging! Signage is one way to remind guests to unplug. The officiant can also make a brief announcement as the ceremony begins. Sharing your feelings with close friends and relatives can also assist in setting a tone for the ceremony. If they choose to leave their phone away, perhaps others will too!” – Melanie Smith

Q: How do meals and gratuities work for our wedding day vendors?

A: “Vendor meals should be discussed in the preliminary meetings to ensure vendors working more than six hours or working during the dinner hour are covered in your guest count. With the exception of your bar and catering staff, you want to ensure that the meal is organized and planned to be given during a time that works well for the overall timeline. We offer all of our wedding planning clients a guide for tipping and gratuities to ensure that everyone is aware of etiquette to follow based on the total of their contract with each vendor.” – Sheriah Gibson

Q:  Who should give the toasts at the reception?

A: “Many of our clients opt to do toasts during the rehearsal dinner to allow more people the opportunity to share their precious memories with the couple. If done during the reception, toasts should be done by the father of the bride (or host of the event), matron of honor and best man. We always love to chat with those respective parties to give tips on the best toast.” – Sheriah Gibson

Q:  What tips do you have for a couple to best enjoy their wedding day?

A:  “Plan and organize! Make sure every detail is conveyed to your team and let them do what they do best! Your role is to enjoy your day and those you hold dear. Surround yourself with these people and have confidence in your team to create the day you all have planned.  In that planning, focus on your priorities and use vendors you feel comfortable with.” – Melanie Smith

A:  “We believe in a unique experience for each of our clients. We get to know our clients and their priorities to ensure that the planning experience is surrounded by moments you enjoy the most and help to build the excitement for the big day! Our timeline for the day is built to create moments for you and your significant other and your families to make sure your day is a blast. On your day, our certified team of planners takes care of the little details and handles any tasks as they arise so you are able to fully enjoy the experience. We love our clients and express this in every way we can by making your day seamlessly planned and one of a kind.” – Sheriah Gibson


Melanie Smith
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“I serve my clients based on their specific needs. Ranging from full planning services, to day of coordinating service, my offerings accommodate each specific couple. Attention to detail and focus on each client’s main priorities creates a stress-free day.”


Sheriah Gibson
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“Hi , I’m Sheriah, the owner and certified wedding and event planner/designer serving Alabama and beyond behind the award winning Posh Occasions by Sheriah. Crafting unforgettable special events that reflect the personalities and lifestyles of their hosts is my passion! I believe that the perfect event is an exquisite collaboration and a seamless journey of preparation. We are committed to turning your vision into reality, and we are happy to handle every detail!”

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