When it comes to wedding planning, it can easily seem like there are just not enough hours in not enough days to get every item checked off your list. Dressing your groom well can be a more difficult task than you may have ever imagined. Multiple trips for selections and fittings may have schedules conflicting, and simplifying that process will make your life much easier to focus on other aspects in the planning process. Fortunately, our friends at The Modern Gent are experts in crafting bespoke suits and tuxedos that arrive on your doorstep with ease, ready for your groom and his groomsmen to look their best. We spoke with Kate Donachy, president of The Modern Gent, on the services they provide for the well-dressed groom and style suggestions.

Kate Donachy, President of The Modern Gent

Q: What is the first step for a groom needing a mail-order tuxedo?

A: Imagery research like Pinterest can really help grooms determine what style direction they’d like to go in, and what resonates with their personal style. It can also be helpful to have a handle on the formality level of the event, and any overall themes or color schemes. After that, they can get in touch with us, and we will work with them to assist in developing looks for themselves and any attendants.

Q: How far in advance should someone contact you for a mail-order tuxedo?

A: Ideally we like to begin working with our clients for wedding party groups 3-5 months out from the wedding date. For single orders we can accommodate as soon as 3 weeks out from the event date.

Q: When will the tuxedo arrive after initial steps, and what happens if something doesn’t fit?

A: Orders arrive a week prior to the event and our staff is on-call to talk them through any concerns or expedite shipping alterations if needed. Logistical specifics are tailored to the needs of each client, and we work in partnership with them to ensure timing and specifics run as needed.

Q: What customizable options are there for tuxedos?

A: From a fit perspective, each rental is altered and customized for the gentleman renting based off his sizing submissions. We also carry odd sizing in most of our garments to assist in dialing in the fit to perfection. Stylistically, we have the ability to combine any of our individual rental pieces to create unique looks or feature different accessories. Separately we also off a bespoke suiting and tuxedo program that is cut and pattern made-to-order with thousands of world-class fabrics on offer to create a truly unique pattern-made piece.

Attire: The Modern Gent. Photo: Rob & Wynter. Venue: Grand Bohemian Mountain Brook.

Q: Do you have any current favorite looks for grooms?

A: We are seeing a big move toward color for gentlemen for weddings. Suits in muted earth tones like terracotta, stone, seaglass. Emerald green is also really having a moment in more formal tuxedo looks, and the cocktail jacket trend continues.

Q: Can you provide a full groom’s wedding party of tuxedos?

A: Absolutely, we’ve been dressing wedding parties remotely throughout the US and even internationally for years. We provide project management services to our clients as a complimentary service so we liaise with their wedding party members directly to obtain sizing and payment information. This allows logistics to run smoothly, and also allows the groom to take a backseat on a lot of the correspondence work.

Q: Should grooms wear different looks from the groomsmen?

A: Generally I do like to have the groom stand out from the attendants. For our most formal weddings that’s usually done subtly with either a slight variation in the accessories or lapel style. For less formal weddings (ie- cocktail formal, creative black tie or “garden”) it can be really nice to put the groom in a different color or style altogether and have the groomsmen in a complementing look.

Q: Do you offer any special day-of services to ensure grooms are dressed impeccably?

A: Yes we offer day-of concierge services to our clients in the Southeast area, or beyond with a travel booking.

Q: How does the return process work after the wedding? What’s the best way for a groom to ensure his return happens when he’s off to his honeymoon?

A: Mail orders will arrive with a prepaid return ship label. After wear, the order can be reboxed and dropped with UPS for return. This can be a great job for the best man if groom is traveling immediately after the wedding.

To all the brides unsure where to start for their groom’s attire, contact The Modern Gent to see what they can do for you. Your guy’s perfect look can arrive with ease so he can look his best!

Menswear: The Modern Gent. Bridal Gown: Ivory & White Bridal Boutique. Photo: Arden Photography. Hair & Makeup: GLOW – Theresa Boyd. Jewelry: Bromberg’s. Planner: Handley Breaux Designs. Venue: Birmingham Museum of Art.


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