From Our Publisher

Hello again.

That’s where this story begins again. It is with deepest pride and honor that the torch passes from my dear friend, Michelle, to me as I become publisher and editor-in-chief of this esteemed publication that she began 20 years ago.

With that also comes my responsibility to tell your stories utilizing all the talents I’ve cultivated over these many years, far and wide. I’m blessed to be back home, where my heart is, to continue building on the legacy of Alabama Weddings and contributing to its elevation.

That’s the love I’ve always brought to this table and the desire I have to lend my talents to benefit our industry as a whole. Any individual’s success contributes to all of our success and sets us apart as a community of the hardest-working people in our field. In Alabama, we do weddings like nobody else. I do also work within this industry as a vendor; however, I will not be advertising my business, Confero, or leading any Confero photo shoots in the 2021 issue to respect this transition time.

I bring with me a team of talent that will help drive a beautiful rebrand of the magazine for the 20th Anniversary Issue, including a 5-year former editor of Alabama Weddings, David Kirk. We have a lot in store for the future and we are ready to begin building on it, starting today.

Our message is simple – love.

The intricate ways in which we show and share that message will be my duty to uphold; with beautiful design, thoughtful words, eye-catching editorial, and forward-thinking in all channels of communication.

As we all have faced trials and change during this year, it is my belief that we must also have determination to press forward. It will be a challenge I take with earnestness to bring this publication to print yet again, because we will endure. Love will continue to love.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be hard at work to continue communication with each of you as we being producing the 2021 issue. I am here to be an open ear for all your questions, so please don’t hesitate to email or call me. I have a lot of ground to cover with everyone, but am full-steam ahead.

To our industry friends, I hope you can join us for this 20th Anniversary Issue of Alabama Weddings. If not, we will be here when the time is right and I will be ready to hear how we can help. I can’t wait for us to see what we create together.

Sincerely Yours,
Christopher Confero
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


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