March 26, 2022  –  Mobile

“Richard and I met in Birmingham, Alabama. After a year of dating, Richard moved home to Mobile, which started our two-year, long-distance relationship. I cannot be surprised, so Richard knew he would have to pull out all the stops. After asking 100 times why I was getting my hair and nails done on Friday and having a hunch, he respectfully told me, ‘We aren’t getting engaged this weekend.’

That weekend happened to be Easter as well. On Saturday, our plan was to go out on Mobile Bay and visit a house we wanted to look at by the water. Richard also made me change (trying to fool me) out of a cute outfit, and into a sweatshirt and leggings. However I knew something was up when no one else wanted to come on the boat. After visiting Dog River, the proposal just was not happening! I started to get sad and figured, ‘Okay, it’s just not this weekend.’

At that moment, Richard stopped the boat and looked back and said, ‘Are you ready to go see your parents?’ I couldn’t say, ‘Yes!’ fast enough. It was the best Easter yet.” – Olivia

Advice From the Bride

“Accept the things you can not change. Our engagement and wedding planning was a breeze for the first ten months. Everything fell into place easily, and we took the time to plan every detail. However, the last two weeks, everything changed. If it could go wrong, it did. Those last few weeks brought the craziest dreams, and I just couldn’t focus on the exciting things come with a wedding. One morning, I was jolted out of bed by a voice saying, ‘Accept the things you can not change.’ From that moment on, I knew the Lord was telling me to stop and to put my trust and needs into his hands and accept the things that were out of my control. March 26th couldn’t have been a more perfect day. We celebrated our garden party under a pastel-colored flower ring on a clear 73 degree day with the people who loved us the most. All my worries went away when I accepted the things that I couldn’t change.” – Olivia

The Creatives

Bridal Gown: Ivory and White Bridal Boutique. Bridesmaid Gowns: Bella Bridesmaids. Cake: Pollman’s Bake Shops. Catering: Morrissette and Co. Drapery: Sterling Event Designs. Engagement Rings: Levy’s Fine Jewelry. Event Rentals, Linen: Port City Rentals. Floral Design: Revelry Bloom. Hair & Makeup: Town and Co Salon. Lighting Design: Willow Bridge. Stationery: Save the Dates by Kara Anne Paper, Invitations by Soiree Signatures, Details by The Essential Market. Music/Entertainment: Musical Fantasy from Music Garden. Photographer: Jennie Tewell Photography. Wedding Planner: Candice Henderson.


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